The Power Of Fixed Shower Heads And Detachable Shower Heads

A good shower head is necessary for a successful daily shower routine. Two options that are often found in many homes, hotels, and buildings are fixed showerheads and detachable showerheads. Here’s a look at what both heads have to offer.

Fixed Shower Heads

Fixed shower heads are the standard shower head that is found in many homes. These showerheads have stood the test of time, and although they’re not the fanciest option, they can still get the job done. They usually have a 5 inch or lower diameter, making them smaller than other showerheads, except in the case of rain showerheads, which are a larger fixed variety. Fixed shower heads are sold in a single function and multi-function varieties, where the multi-function heads have multiple spray patterns that can deliver a wide spray or a concentrated stream.

pick fixed shower heads

Detachable Shower Heads

Detachable or handheld showerheads are quite popular with people. These heads can go a long way for a bathroom that needs a replacement head or in a brand new shower. A holder for mounting the head and a detachable hose is included with it. The purpose of a detachable shower head is to give users the option to either mount the showerhead in a fixed position or take it off the mount and aim it at any location.

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Head To Head Comparison

Fixed showerheads and detachable showerheads both have their place in the shower, but some may prefer one head over the other. Fixed shower heads have the advantage of being a little easier to install than detachable showerheads, and overall they often cost less. They’re a simple option that can give the right pressure for proper cleaning. On the other hand, detachable showerheads offer a freedom that can’t be found in fixed showerheads, as the hose makes it possible to move the head to any body part, provided that the hose is long enough.

The elderly and injured people will really love the freedom, as they can sit on a shower bench and use the detachable head to bathe. Small children are easier to clean, and even buckets can be filled without putting them in the shower when a detachable shower head is used. The advantage of freedom goes beyond simply accessing hard to reach body parts and washing children, as detachable shower heads can be used to spray every part of the shower itself for cleaning.

The Best Of Both Worlds

If both fixed and detachable showerheads seem like an attractive option, you can always get both in the form of a dual shower head. A dual shower head couples a fixed head with a detachable head so you have the ability to use one or the other, or both at the same time if the particular model allows it. There is a downside of a decrease in pressure with the increase in the size of the heads, and using both heads at the same time will cut the pressure of each in half.

Fixed showerheads and detachable showerheads are both great options, and even dual shower heads are great for getting the best of each one. Fixed heads are perfect for simplicity, and detachable heads are perfect for freedom.

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