Top 5 Rangefinders Under $400: Budget-Friendly Picks

When it comes to hunting, accuracy, and precision are important for a successful day out on the field. Since their invention in 1964, rangefinders have proven to be great tools in assisting hunters with finding the distance between them and their targets. Rangefinders have grown in popularity since their introduction to hunting, and various models have been released at different price ranges. These are the best choices for rangefinders under $400.

Top 5 Best Rangefinders Under $400 Reviews

1. Vortex Optics Ranger 1800 – $350

outdoor hunting laser rangefinders

The Ranger 1800 from Vortex Optics is a user-friendly rangefinder, featuring an intuitive menu, illuminated display, and a responsive range of up to 1,800 yards. It also has a scan feature that gives continuous readings as you move the pointer across a landscape or a moving target. It is fog proof, water-resistant, and features a non-slip rubberized protective shell that makes this rangefinder ready for any condition.


2. Nikon Black RANGEX 4K – $354

The Nikon RANGEX 4K rangefinder boasts a responsive range of 10 to 4,000 yards. It has a red OLED display which gives high visibility and deep contrast even when aiming at extremely far targets. It adapts to inclines and declines in the landscape and provides a single reading based on its calculations to find the best shot at a target. The Black RANGEX 4K also has Nikon’s “hyper read” feature, allowing for extremely fast measurements out on the field.

3. Leupold RX-1600i TBR – $394

leupold cheap rangefinders

Leupold’s RX-1600i TBR model features the brand’s “True Ballistic Range with Wind” (TBR-W) technology, which takes into account the shot angle compensation, range, and wind towards your target. It has an accurate range of up to 1,600 yards and also has a scan mode feature to get continuous readings while you pan across an area. The user may also select between Rifle and Bow modes to get accurate readings for their gear of choice. The RX-1600i also features selectable reticles and rubber armor for a secure grip and shock protection.

4. Bushnell G-Force DX ARC 6X – $259

The G-Force DX ARC 6X from Bushnell has a high-speed measurement technology, excellent precision, and a maximum range of 1,300 yards. It is equipped with the second generation of Bushnell’s “Extreme. Speed. Precision” (E.S.P.) processor, delivering a 1/2 yard accuracy tolerance and a 1/10 yard display precision. The Vivid Display Technology implemented provides bright readings even at nighttime. Furthermore, the G-Force DX ARC 6X has Bow and Rifle Modes, providing accurate readings based on the selected projectile or weapon.

5. Vortex Optics Impact – $179

vortex rangefinders

The Impact rangefinder by Vortex Optics is a more budget-friendly option for hunters. It has a user-friendly menu and variable magnification, allowing users to take a closer look at their targets. It features technologies such as angle compensation and the option to calculate high angle shots across a long distance. Multi-coated optics on the Impact also allow for a clear view at low light conditions. It is noticeably more compact and lightweight compared to other rangefinders, making it perfect for those who prioritize portability.

With a wide variety of rangefinders on the market nowadays, choosing one can be daunting. Based on this list of great choices below $400, hunters can decide on a reliable rangefinder based on their preferences and budget to help them out on their next day out on the field.…

The Power Of Fixed Shower Heads And Detachable Shower Heads

A good shower head is necessary for a successful daily shower routine. Two options that are often found in many homes, hotels, and buildings are fixed showerheads and detachable showerheads. Here’s a look at what both heads have to offer.

Fixed Shower Heads

Fixed shower heads are the standard shower head that is found in many homes. These showerheads have stood the test of time, and although they’re not the fanciest option, they can still get the job done. They usually have a 5 inch or lower diameter, making them smaller than other showerheads, except in the case of rain showerheads, which are a larger fixed variety. Fixed shower heads are sold in a single function and multi-function varieties, where the multi-function heads have multiple spray patterns that can deliver a wide spray or a concentrated stream.

pick fixed shower heads

Detachable Shower Heads

Detachable or handheld showerheads are quite popular with people. These heads can go a long way for a bathroom that needs a replacement head or in a brand new shower. A holder for mounting the head and a detachable hose is included with it. The purpose of a detachable shower head is to give users the option to either mount the showerhead in a fixed position or take it off the mount and aim it at any location.

using detachable shower heads

Head To Head Comparison

Fixed showerheads and detachable showerheads both have their place in the shower, but some may prefer one head over the other. Fixed shower heads have the advantage of being a little easier to install than detachable showerheads, and overall they often cost less. They’re a simple option that can give the right pressure for proper cleaning. On the other hand, detachable showerheads offer a freedom that can’t be found in fixed showerheads, as the hose makes it possible to move the head to any body part, provided that the hose is long enough.

The elderly and injured people will really love the freedom, as they can sit on a shower bench and use the detachable head to bathe. Small children are easier to clean, and even buckets can be filled without putting them in the shower when a detachable shower head is used. The advantage of freedom goes beyond simply accessing hard to reach body parts and washing children, as detachable shower heads can be used to spray every part of the shower itself for cleaning.

The Best Of Both Worlds

If both fixed and detachable showerheads seem like an attractive option, you can always get both in the form of a dual shower head. A dual shower head couples a fixed head with a detachable head so you have the ability to use one or the other, or both at the same time if the particular model allows it. There is a downside of a decrease in pressure with the increase in the size of the heads, and using both heads at the same time will cut the pressure of each in half.

Fixed showerheads and detachable showerheads are both great options, and even dual shower heads are great for getting the best of each one. Fixed heads are perfect for simplicity, and detachable heads are perfect for freedom.

Extra Guidance Concerning Shower Head Cleaning, You May Find on:

Can I Use A Wet Mop On Hardwood Floors?


You’ll want to clean your hardwood floors regularly in order to ensure that they remain in good condition. However, you’ll want to make sure you use the right kinds of cleaning methods. It’s important to take the time to ask important questions, like “Can I use a wet mop on hardwood floors?”

clean hardwood Floors


1. Mops Should Be Damp, Not Wet

Mopping your floors is a great way to keep them clean. However, water can cause a lot of damage to your floors if you’re not careful. Don’t use a soaking wet mop when you’re cleaning your floors. Instead, use a mop that’s damp.

Take the time to wring out your mop before you apply it to your floors. If you use too much water when you’re cleaning your flooring, you could wind up doing quite a bit of damage. You’ll find that a damp mop is always a good choice.


2. Use The Right Kinds Of Cleaning Products

best wet mop for hardwood floors

When you’re cleaning your floors, you’ll want to be smart about the types of cleaning products that you use. When you’re mopping, you shouldn’t just toss soap in some water and hope for the best. Instead, you should take the time to confirm that the cleaning products you’re using are safe to use on your hardwood floors.

You may want to choose a cleaning product that was specifically made for cleaning hardwood flooring. If you select a product like this, you’ll know that you’ll be able to use it on your flooring without causing any damage. You can also test cleaning products on a small section of your flooring before using them all over your floors.


3. Consider A Steam Mop

If you’re worried about mopping your floors, you should think about investing in a steam mop. This is a safe and effective way to clean hardwood floors.

A lot of people are wary of buying steam mops because of the cost. If you feel this way, you should know that there are a lot of budget-friendly options. Take a look at the steam mops on the market. There’s a good chance you’ll find something that’s in your price range.


4. Clean Your Floors Regularly

buy hardwood floor mop

If you wait too long between cleaning sessions, you might wind up having some trouble. You should make sure that your floors are cleaned on a consistent basis so that dirt doesn’t have the chance to accumulate.

How often should you be cleaning your flooring? That varies based on a number of factors. If your floors are in a room that gets a lot of foot traffic, they may need to be cleaned more than once a week. If your floors are in a room that gets less use, you should still clean them every other week.


Final Verdicts

It’s important to take care of your hardwood floors. If you’re cautious when you’re cleaning your floors, you’ll be able to keep them in excellent condition for many years to come. If you have a question about cleaning your flooring, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek out an answer.



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How To Choose The Best Home Ceiling Fan?

There are many factors involved as you try to choose the best home ceiling fan. You may be redecorating your house, or perhaps you are building a new home. There will be several rooms that will need fans including your living room, bedrooms, and maybe even in your foyer. You need to choose the right size, and one with the proper speed, to circulate the air correctly. There are so many different companies that make ceiling fans. A cursory search will quickly show you that a lot of research needs to be done. If you are ready to install a home ceiling fan at your household, here are a few tips on how you can get the best one.

How To Choose The Best Home Ceiling Fan?

Why Would You Need A Home Ceiling Fan?

best ceiling fan for home use

There are several reasons why you would want to invest in a home ceiling fan. First and foremost, it can help you stay cool during the warm summer months. Some people do not have air conditioning in their house. Others would prefer to have ceiling fans to circulate the air properly. There are times when you will need to lift the hot air higher, allowing the cold air to come to the ground. All of this is possible if you invest in the right home ceiling fan that is specifically designed for the rooms where they will be installed.

How To Find Great Deals On Ceiling Fans For Your Home

a great deal of home ceiling fans

Top deals tend to be offered on the web. However, if you visit a local home improvement store, you will likely find a vast selection of them as well. Huge chain stores that only market home improvement products will have dozens of them available. Prior to buying one, you should speak with a representative of that company. They may be able to tell you which ones are the most useful or popular. If you decide to purchase one online, you should consider the reputation of the companies and the prices. In some cases, they will offer discount promo codes that you can use when you make your purchase.

Features And Characteristics Of The Best Home Ceiling Fans

There are three characteristics or features to look for within a home ceiling fan that you purchase. First of all, they need to be wide enough. The wider that they are the easier it will be to circulate the air in your home. Second, consider how many blades they have. Smaller ones tend to have three or four. Larger ones will have five. The more blades that you have, the more air you can circulate.

Finally, you need to consider how easy it is to operate. For example, with the flick of a switch, you should be able to change the rotation from clockwise to counterclockwise. Additionally, there should be chains hanging from the ceiling fan that will allow you to turn the lights on or turn the fan on or off. These options should also be available in the form of a light switch. All of these options will be available on the top models.


After evaluating all of the home ceiling fans that you can find, several of them will look very promising. Remember to purchase smaller ones for smaller rooms, and the largest ones for rooms like your family room or living room. You may even want to have one in the kitchen or dining room as well. By speaking with representatives of stores, or doing research online, you will be led to the best ones currently being sold. This information can prove invaluable, allowing you to invest your money wisely into a well designed affordable ceiling fan for your home.…

Is The Maxxus Sauna Really Good?


If you are looking for a sauna to purchase, you might want to consider the Maxxus sauna. It is a fantastic option to consider if you want to purchase an indoor model that offers a lot of balance between features and price. Below, we will be going over some of the reasons why the Maxxus sauna really stands out on the marketplace.


Reasons to Choose the Maxxus Saunas

maxxus sauna reviews

1. Feature

For one, Maxxus saunas come with a lot of unique features that make it a great option for anyone to consider. Not only does it have 6 heating panels with 2 on the rear wall, 1 on each of the sides, and 1 under the bench and 1 under the floor, but it also features a very conveniently placed interior control panel.

Because of this, you will be able to monitor and use the interior control panel to change the temperature of the sauna while you are in it. Along with having accessible controls, you will be able to take advantage of the feet reflexology heating system floor heater.

2. Design

Another thing that makes Maxxus sauna models stand out is the fact that they come made up of high-quality building materials. You are getting a sauna that is made up of high-quality Canadian Hemlock wood.

Likewise, you are getting a sauna that is spacious enough to hold 2 people at a time and one that features a tempered glass door. It is simply a well-designed sauna that really stands out in the marketplace as one of the best options you could consider.

3. Accessibility

AS mentioned, you are getting a very conveniently located control panel. This control panel can make it incredibly easy to use the sauna the way you want to. Along with this, the installation of the control panel is relatively easy.

The overall accessibility of the installation and the daily use of this sauna is unparalleled on the market.

4. Value

You are getting a sauna that comes with a lot of great features for a relative bargain compared to the other options on the marketplace. The value that you are getting with this sauna is extremely good.

5. Efficiency

Along with a good design, you are going to be able to get a sauna that has an excellent heating performance. The efficiency you get with this sauna is excellent because it comes with 6 low EMF infrared carbon energy efficient heating panels. Therefore, it is one of the most efficient home saunas on the market.

maxxus sauna


Final Words

Overall, if you have already made the decision to invest in a sauna, you want to do your due diligence to try to get the most for your money. There is a lot that you should be looking at when you are attempting to find the best sauna.

This particular model is one of the very best you can consider because it offers a lot of value for the money and fantastic quality of life features to go along with it.


Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Punching Bag for Adults


It takes time and lots of effort to find the best punching bag for adults on the market. So, some people lose money on the wrong punching bags because they are not willing to do proper research. There are so many factors you must consider before buying a punching  bag for an adult.

Considering these factors can help you choose the best punching bag. Therefore, do your due diligence before buying a punching bag.

In this article, you will learn the factors to consider when buying the best punching bag for adults.

best punching bag for adults reviews

1. The Price

The price is important. Some people buy the cheapest punching bag for adults on the market. They buy them because they think they will save some money. Most of these people usually buy a punching bag that will not last for a long time.

So, they end up spending more money on a new punching bag. The best punching bags for adults are expensive. So, be willing to spend more money on a good punching bag for adults.

2. Customer Reviews

A lot of people have bought and used different adults punching bag. Some people leave their reviews on different websites. Also, some websites write reviews of the different punching bags on the market.

Reading these reviews can help you choose the best punching bag for adults. You will focus on the punching bags that get a lot of good reviews. Never buy a punching bag that gets a lot of negative reviews.

3. The Brand

You must consider the brand, which makes these punching bags, before buying the best punching bag for adults. This is because some brands are very popular. They have been making the best punching bags for several years, so they have a good reputation.

You will love their punching bags because they are affordable and they can last for a long time. In short, buy a punching bag from popular and well-established brands.

4. Online Store

Do you want to buy a punching bag for adults online? Then, choose a reputable online store.

Some online sellers are untrustworthy because they sell fake punching bags. They usually have cheap prices. And they do not accept returns. You will lose your money to these online sellers if you are not careful.

To choose the right online store, check the reputation of the online store, and find out how long they have been in business.

5. Your Location

Some local stores may sell punching bags. However, some people avoid local stores because they think punching bags sold locally are not that great.

When you visit some of these local stores, you might meet with people who have used these punching bags. So, they may share their experience, which will help you make the right decision. And it is much cheaper to buy a punching bag locally because you will not pay the shipping fee.

These are the factors to consider before buying the best punching bag for adults. If you follow the tips mentioned above, you will buy a good punching bag that will last for a long time.


Everything You Should Know About Rheem and Rheem Tankless Water Heaters

Rheem is a leading brand in the water heater market, having cultivated a reputation for quality and reliability. If you’re currently in the market for a new water heating system, you’ve likely had various Rheem products and heaters recommended. However, if you’re relatively new to heating systems, you may have many questions regarding the brand and whether or not they are right for your current situation. If you’re looking to find out more about Rheem, here’s everything you should know about the brand and their famous tankless water heaters.

Rheem has one of the strongest track records in the water heater market, especially when it comes to tankless water heaters. The various smart systems designed and innovated by the brand are famous for combining affordability with innovation. You’ll notice that compared to other famous brands, Rheem has very reasonable prices for many of their heating systems. At the same time, you’ll notice these heaters have features and functionalities that make them technically superior to other heaters in the same price range. The track record of the brand is one of the main reasons why so many customers have continued to stay loyal.

rheem tankless water heaters

Rheem heaters, especially tankless water heaters, are renowned for their durability and longevity. Nobody enjoys the process of installing and setting up a water heating system, so Rheem has purposefully made their systems as durable as possible. Once you’ve set up one of these heating systems in your home, you won’t have to worry about replacement for many years to come. Even better, you won’t even have to think about repairs and maintenance as these heaters are crafted to the highest quality standards.

The vast majority of Rheem systems are created with regular residential properties in mind, making them very suitable for almost all households across the country. Looking for new water heaters can sometimes be painful as lots of these systems are created for commercial and industrial properties. Thankfully, when you look at many of the Rheem heaters on offer, you’ll see that they have specific designs that make them suitable for virtually all residential properties, both large and small.

water heater brands from rheem

The high abundance of Rheem tankless water heaters also makes them highly affordable, often with heaters available for bargain prices. Many retailers are competing amongst one another to sell popular Rheem tankless systems, forcing them to discount their stock more and more lure new customers. The competitive atmosphere amongst retailers is great news for you when you’re looking to buy a new water heater, as you’ll likely come across a bargain.

All Rheem products, especially their tankless water heaters, come with some of the best guarantees available in the sector. You’ll never have to worry about forking out huge sums of money to replace these heaters as they are guaranteed under warranty for a very long time. Although Rheem is known for having some of the most durable heaters, even if something does go wrong, you’ll still have coverage. When compared to other brands, it’s clear that Rheem gives you the best peace of mind regarding your purchase.…

How Do You Know If A Table Lamp Is Worth It For Your Bedroom?


If you are looking to make an addition to your bedroom, you might be considering buying a table lamp. There are plenty of things to consider if you want to get the best table lamps for bedroom. Below, we will be talking about some of the things you should be considering.

best table lamps for bedroom reviews

1. Does It Add Style?

One of the main things that you should be thinking about is whether or not it adds style to your bedroom. It’s never worth adding something that isn’t going to look good. First and foremost, you want the lamp to add an element of style to your bedroom. Getting a lamp that looks great can be a great addition to your bedroom.

2. Does It Offer Convenience?

Another thing that you should be considering is whether or not it adds convenience to your life. A lamp that is difficult to turn on is something that might not add any sort of convenience to your life.

3. Does It Give Off Enough Light?

You want to get a lamp that can provide you with enough light for your use-case. Finding a lamp that serves the purpose you are buying it for is key. Therefore, you want to check to see whether or not it would be suitable in this regard. If you are using it to brighten your entire room, it might be more important to get a bright enough light. However, if you are only using it for reading or other activities, you might want something softer.

4. Is It Affordable?

Another thing that you want to look at when you are trying to figure out if a lamp is worth buying would be whether or not it is affordable. Finding a lamp that is affordable can give you significant value for your money. Therefore, you want to check to try to identify whether or not the lamp is within your respective budget.

what are the best table lamps for bedroom5. Is It Future-Proof?

If you are looking for a lamp that is going to be able to be used well into the future with new technology that is coming out, you might be looking for smart-features. If so, you want to try to find a lamp that is going to be future-proof enough. That being said, you can always use a regular switch lamp and add a smart plug to it to make your life easier.

Overall, there is a lot that things that you will want to look at when you are trying to figure out whether or not it is worth buying. A lamp that adds style and function to your room is typically what you want to find in a lamp you purchase. However, you need to examine your priorities and find a lamp that offers you the feature-set that meets them. Doing all of this should help you identify the right lamp to consider buying for your needs. There are so many lamps on the market that you can choose from so you should be able to find one that works well.


How to Screw in a Lightbulb

LPT: Replace old yellowish lightbulbs with pure white lightbulbs.

People of reddit, which do you prefer, and why; yellow or white light bulbs?

Reasons For Getting A 44-Inch Portable Basketball Sytsem

A portable basketball system offers a lot of the benefits that you might want in a basketball hoop. In this article, we will be going over some of the key reasons for getting a 44-inch portable system.

Reasons To Get A Portable Basketball System:

1. Portability

Obviously one of the main benefits you are going to be able to get from buying a portable system on bbhoopspro is the ability to move it anywhere you want. This is a good thing for anyone that doesn’t want to have a fixed system installed in their backyard or in front of their house. Having a portable system can really give you a lot of flexibility that you wouldn’t be able to get from other options.

guides of 44 inch portable hoops

2. Same Function

When you get a system that is completely portable, you aren’t going to be sacrificing anything you would get from a fixed system. You still get a hoop that can be used in the same ways. Therefore, you are not forced to give up anything that you would have otherwise have with a system that takes a lot more effort and money to use.

3. Save Money

As mentioned, you are going to be able to get a system that gives you everything you would want with added portability without having to spend as much money on it. After all, you won’t have to invest in a professional contractor to install it. Likewise, you won’t have to invest in the cement or anything for a professional in-ground installation.

4. Adjustable

When you get a portable hoop, you are going to be able to utilize the adjustable nature of it. This is going to make it very versatile for anyone that has kids who are constantly growing. Likewise, it can make it useful for a family with different sized kids. The adjustable nature of the basketball system makes it one of the ideal options for families.

finding 44 inch basketball hoops

5. Renters

As mentioned, you are not going to have to worry about having something completely fixed. This makes it the only option for someone that is renting. A lot of landlords are not going to allow you to invest in a fixed basketball hoop. Instead, your only option would be one that can be moved easily. This makes a portable hoop the best viable option.

Overall, there are plenty of different reasons you should look into getting a portable system. It is the best option for most people. Unless you are entirely sure you want to have a basketball system fixed in the front of your home or in your backyard, a portable system is going to give you everything you could want in a basketball hoop. You can find them in varying styles with different kinds of backboards just as you could a fixed system. You have the added benefit of having something that is portable and that can be moved around from location to location. This makes it the only option for someone that is a renter with rules in place against a fixed system.


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How To Find The Best Toddler Swing

Even though toddlers can be very active, they can have a lot of fun in a swing. If you’re picking out a swing for your toddler, you’ll want to find the best option available. Keep these tips in mind while you shop.

Look At Swings That Have Won Awards

If your goal is to find the best swing on the market, you should specifically search for swings that have won awards. There is a great deal of competition for awards like this, which is why the swings that have managed to win these awards can be such an excellent purchase.

When you’re checking to see whether or not a swing has won an award, you should look at when the swing received the award. You’ll want to make sure that the model you’re purchasing is the model that won the award.

picking toddler swings

Find A Swing That Was Designed For Toddlers

A lot of the swings on the market were designed for babies. You won’t want to give a swing like this to your toddler. It could be uncomfortable for them, and your baby could be out of the weight limit. Instead, you’ll want to pick out something that was made for toddlers.

If you do buy a swing like this, you’ll be able to make sure your toddler is comfortable. Focus on finding a swing that is right for your toddler. If a swing was designed for babies, it’s not a swing you want to buy.

Read Plenty Of Reviews

When you’re trying to choose a swing, you’ll want to see what reviewers have to say. It’s a good idea to look at both professional reviews and reviews that were written by other parents. If you look at a range of reviews, you’ll be able to get many perspectives and pick out something that you’ll love.

Reviews are easy to find, which means you should be able to discover reviews for any swings that you’re interested in. Try to read a variety of reviews and find a swing that a lot of people have been raving over.

Look For A Swing With The Right Features

Always look at the features that a swing offers before you purchase it. You should think about the features that are best for your needs. For example, you may want to invest in a swing that is highly portable. You might also want to choose a swing that plays music or has interactive features.

choose the best toddler swings

The features of a swing can make a big difference. Check to see what kinds of features a swing has before you make a purchase. Think about whether or not those features would be useful for you. You should also think about how much those features would appeal to your child.

Don’t know which toddler swing to buy? If you’re struggling to find the best swing to purchase, it’s a good idea to take all of these suggestions into account. If you’re smart when you’re shopping, you’ll be able to find a swing that will provide plenty of entertainment and benefit your toddler’s health.