Where is Barbershop located?

After three years in Southern California and a tour in Spain, Russia, Mexico and Singapore the restaurant is looking for a new location.


Is Barbershop an Italian restaurant?

Si! We carry the tradition of innovation and the respect for ingredients that are so much part of our culture. You may also discover that creativity at Barbershop is influenced by inspirations from all over the world, shaping a uniquely new cooking style.


Can I get a haircut?

No, just the gossip. There is a regular barbershop for that across the street.


Is this a sustainable restaurant?

Si. We implement the most advanced power efficient technology, avoid wasting water and purchase almost all of our ingredients following the zero kilometers philosophy. Our objective is to become a certified organic and ethical restaurant.


Whats on the menu? 

Expressions of the season and location are translated by the chefs into flavorful, gentle and playful creations… and pasta, of course.


What about my dietary habit? 

Upon 72 hours notice, our chefs will do their best to accommodate allergy related limitations, as well as dietary styles such as pescetarian, vegetarian and vegan. Please note that the entire party will be served the same modified menu. We will not be able to provide multiple menu choices for the same party.


Do I need a reservation?

For dinner service you must reserve and confirm, complying with our Reservation Policy. 


And how do i make a reservation?

On-line reservations are available, please use our reservation page.


Can I take pictures in the restaurant?

Si. Feel free to choose your favorite subjects among our handsome chefs or the minimalist dishes. Please note, however, that some of our food is very time sensitive. In that case the chefs will advise you that you are not supposed to spoil your culinary experience for a picture.