An Art Curator turned Chef and Founder of Barbershop, is originally from Milan. During his earlier career in his beloved Italy, as well as various European countries, Mexico and the USA, el Nagar has already received numerous recognitions for his technically accomplished Italian cooking. With his own pop-up project Barbershop Ristorante in Los Angeles, el Nagar has gone beyond, proposing an innovative, ever evolving and very personal cuisine: New dishes and combinations never imagined are both exciting and moving in their quest for the deeply essential, and never fail to surprise. Against all difficulties and limitations, Chef el Nagar chose the way of the ‘Culinary Nomad’, considering the pop-up series as a research lab for his creativity, his technique and his vision of cuisine and dining. Landing in some incredibly different neighborhoods of Los Angeles and, at times, opening his kitchen to influential colleagues, allowed him to get in touch with the rapidly evolving culinary trends that are unique to this metropolis, cook for vastly diverse audiences, experiment with cuisines of five continents, while exploring the bounty of California produce, and ultimately develop and crystallize a distinctive style that bridges his Italian heritage with the taste and sensitivity of a modern global citizen.



A young inspired chef constantly finding muse in everything that comes her way. Cooking with no limitations is her ultimate drive. For the short time that she has been in the culinary industry, she has already managed to create her personal footprint. Born and raised in Israel, she is grounded in Mediterranean flavors and techniques. Working along side Chef Walter El Nagar, has sparked a hunger for innovation, allowing those flavors to be delivered in new ways, nuances and textures. Living in Los Angeles for several years has given her the opportunity to meet many different food cultures, opening up in particular to Asian influences.