Why Are We Doing This

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Our goal is to help people effortlessly choose and buy what they need in order to live a better life. Finding and picking the best and the safest product take large amount of time, and that is why we are doing this. Try as best as we can to save your time and energy on doing so.

How We Test?

Take the suitcase, for example, there are two major steps to follow in testing the safety and durability of the product, which includes:

  • Raw material testing;
  • Product testing

In the process of product testing, there are also some factors in considerating:

  1. Mileage tester – By placing it on the treadmill, the upright, spinner and suitcase wheels can be tested
  2. Rain tester – Spray it with water from multiple directions
  3. Jerk tester – Jerk around the bag to test the strength of handle, wheel handle, ball handle as well as the shoulder straps